African Pygmy Hedgehog Information

Food Guides

Discussing bugs, kibble mixes, extra treats as well as listing harmful foods.

General Advice and Care Guides

Including information on hedgehog first aid, biting behaviour, hibernation tips, nail clipping guides, and more.

Suitable Setups

Giving you inspiration and information on the suitable setup for your african pygmy hedgehog. Including enrichment, wheels and heating advice.

Food Guides - Kibble, Bugs and Extras

Kibble List - Dry Cat Food

Insect Guide

Safe and Dangerous Foods

How much should my APH weigh?

Hedgehog Care Guides

Here at Happy Quills we want to provide you with guidance on how to care for African Pygmy Hedgehogs. Here you can view a mixture of guides on first aid, appropriate wheels and enclosures,  diet, and more. These documents provide you with images and general information, for further images and clarification feel free to join our Facebook group linked in the contact us section on this website.

Alberts Ailments - First Aid Guide

Autumns Antics - Behavioural Guide

APH Anatomy - Content Warning!

Biscuits Biting Behaviour

B.O.B's Bonding Tips

Bramble's Bathtime

Golden Oldies

Harley's Healthcare - Vet Trips

Harry's Hibernation Tips

Hedgehog Colours and Markings

Hilda's Housing

Hugo's Heatwave Tips

Ink's Entertainment

Miles' Smiles - Dental Care for Hedgehogs

Niamh's Nail Clipping

Piglet's Privates 

Pirate Hogs and Blind Hogs

Rossi's Recipes 


Wilbur's Wheels


Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS) and Alternatives

Suitable Setups - Setups, Enrichment and Decoration

Hedgehog Sounds and Behaviours

Happy Chattering

Curious Sniffing

Slurpy Noises


Old Man Noises

Happily Playing

Defensive Noises 

Chilled Out

Hissing and Popping

Hoggy Eating Noises


Happy Hiccups


Happy Clicking

Stretching/ Yawning

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